Dr. Jimmy Lin



Dr. Lin applies computational and genomics methods to understand cancer. He focuses on translating basic scientific discoveries into clinial diagnostics and therapies for patients. His major scientific accomplishments include:**

  • first genome-wide sequencing of human cancers including breast, colorectal, melanoma, pancreatic, and brain cancers
  • first genome sequencing of an engineered anti-cancer bacteria: Clostridium novyi-NT
  • first establishment of genetic link between neoantigens and immunotherapy
  • discovery of importance of IDH1 and IDH2 in glioblastoma and PALB2 in pancreatic cancer
  • profiling the human protein-DNA interactome to understand transcriptional signaling

Dr. Lin has published over 100+ papers, abstracts, and book chapters, in top academic journals, such as Science, Nature, Cell, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Genome Research, and PNAS. He has presented at top scientific conferences and institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, NCI/NIH, Vanderbilt, and Johns Hopkins.


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Dr. Lin has published over 100+ papers, book chapters, and abstracts including top academic journals such as Science, Nature, and Cell and has spoken at top universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.



Dr. Lin has delivered over 100+ keynotes, speeches, and panels in 19 countries on 5 continents, including TED, Aspen Ideas Festival, Google, the White House and the European Commission.


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Dr. Lin has been featured or mentioned in over 300+ media outlets including New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Financial Times, Forbes, BBC, WIRED and TIME.