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Crowdfunded Searches for Medical Miracles

“There are millions of kids wandering from place to place that no one is really helping,” says Lin. He believes answers may lie in their genes. To find out, he and more than a dozen other young scientists and researchers created the Rare Genomics Institute, a nonprofit that leverages falling DNA sequencing costs and rising online giving to support medical research.

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Curing Cancer Relies on Genome Map Guiding Medical Care

A reader of Nieder’s blog wrote last year to tell her about the Rare Genomics Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Set up in 2010, the institute is aimed at helping parents use the Internet to raise funds for sequencing that isn’t covered by insurance. Jimmy Lin, a medical student working toward both his MD and Ph.D. degrees who leads the group, explained to Nieder that DNA sequencing could help find the root cause of Maya’s condition.

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